DOVE Slurry / Gravel Pumps are designed to deliver the highest value in terms of Quality & Efficiency , as well as lowest Total Ownership Cost to our clients. DOVE Slurry / Gravel Pumps are produced in two configurations of In-Line (Horizontal) Slurry / Gravel Pumps and Submersible (Vertical) Slurry / Gravel Pumps.


Economics of Slurry / Gravel Pumps

Most often, these types of pumps are the most appropriate for all types of hydraulic sluicing mining operations. The intended purpose of using Slurry / Gravel Pump is to eliminate the necessity of trucking ore to the treatment plant.

By applying Slurry / Gravel pumps in the mining operation instead of trucks, overall ore transportation costs are reduced by a considerable amount. Rates of production throughout the operation are increased by a continuous flow of ore to the treatment plant at all times. No downtime loss due to trucks breaking down or sufficient trucks being unable to keep up with the mining ore removal.

Five models to choose, from 90 m3 /hour to 554 m3 /hour. Configured as a highly efficient, shaft driven, direct drive Vertical (Submersible) Slurry / Gravel Pump, which can be used as a semi-submersible pump to a depth of 1.2 – 1.6 meters (depending on the model). Primarily used in hydraulic sluicing, as the most efficient means of slurry ore transport from the hydraulic sluicing mining area to the wash plant site, away to the wash plant site. Used whenever trucking the ore is unapplicable or not feasible. The other usage is for removing and transporting slurry ore from a temporary tailings dam at the treatment plant site, away to a permanent disposal dam site.

The other usage is for removing and transporting slurried ore from a temporary tailings dam at the treatment plant site, away to a permanent disposal dam site.

Highly efficient tool for breaking and disintegration of heavy clay, configured either after Trommel or Grizzly Separator and prior to the concentration of minerals contain in heavy & sticky clay ore. These models are mounted on robust enclosed skid frames for protection and foot suspending below a tri-frame if required. The pump can then be suspended above the pump medium i.e waste treated ore, for convenient positioning.



A robust design , highly efficient , all purpose slurry transport pumps, used for transportation of all types of ore & slurry , where wheeled transport is not feasible or inapplicable. Nine models to choose, with processing capacity range of 36-720 m3 / hour.

Pump can also be used in the wash plant cycle for many other applications such as:

  • Pumping under sized ore, Example: Trommel into the Jigs, if the plant set-up does not allow gravity flow arrangement.
  • From Primary Jigs to Secondary Jigs that is stacked on a tier basis.
  • Pumping treated , waste slurry ore from a temporary retention dam at the treatment plant to the permanent retention / trailings dam. Particularly useful if space and especially height is a limiting factor at the plant site.

The In-line (Horizontal) Slurry / Gravel Pumps are mounted on a robust enclosed skid frame, as well as pump canopy, for protection of the pump components. An optional 4-wheels trailer, or wheel base and stand support; is available for all models.


Capacity (Delivery Volume)M3/hr.90100173218500540550554
Pump SizeInch4 X 54 X 55 X 65 X 68 X 88 X 88 X 108 X 10
Power – Diesel EngineHp.85100165190220265265300
Power – Electric MotorHp35408090120160160180
Impeller Shaft DepthM3/Hr11112222
Rock Size Intake (Max)Inch22334444
Pumping HeadMeters4646464650454040
Weight with EngineKg.1,1151,2701,7501,8002,7602,7852,8402,880


Capacitym./hr.36 – 250216 – 936180 – 1440360 – 1440288 – 2808576 – 3024720 – 3600324 – 3600720 – 4320
Pump SizeIinch6 X 410 X 810 X 812 X 1012 X 1014 X 1214 X 1216 X 1416 X 14
Impeller Diameterinch152128263734405042
Solid Particle Handlingmm.82178180220220241241230230
  • * The solid volume through put and head may fluctuate, based on the type of the ore, ratio of the fluid / solids mixture, average rock size, the speed and the method of feeding. 
  • * The overall weight & dimension could fluctuate, based on the type of engine or motor and other accessories.
  • * Dove reserves the right to modify the specifications at anytime, without notice

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