DOVE Jig concentrators have an outstanding history of long and consistent performance of proven high yield of Diamonds, Color Gemstone, Gold, Base Metals, Heavy Metals & other Heavy Minerals recovery, with minimal loss, maintaining maximum profitability in the ore concentrating process.

Ease of Operate

DOVE Jig Concentrators do not require clean water, works with recycled water.

Quality Designed

DOVE Jig concentrators are fabricated with highest quality material, built to last, and supplied with ONE-YEAR manufacturer warranty. They are extremely reliable and require minimum amount of maintenance.

Easy to Install & Service

DOVE Jig separators are easy to install, operate and maintain, with highest rate of minerals recovery, designed for continuous concentration and recovery, without operator interference.

High Performance

DOVE Jig Concentrators are manufactured in seven models with capacities ranging from 8 m3 / hour slurry (3 tons / hour solids), up to 300 m3 / hour (100 tons / hour solids), per Jig separator.


The usage of Jigs separators, Jig concentrators to concentrate and recover minerals of all kinds is widely practiced within the industry, based on the fact that the high specific gravity differential makes very good recoveries possible, with very little operating attention.


DOVE Jig concentrators have the ability to absorb large fluctuations in ore Grade, Tonnage rate, and Dilution, without any effect on the final recovery of minerals concentrate.

DOVE Jig Concentrators are designed for the following applications:

  • To recover Finished Concentrate from ores in which the mineral grains are liberated. Recovery of minerals of various kinds that occur in Placer / Alluvial deposits, or decomposed rocks.
  • ecovery of minerals from primary/ hard rock ore, which can be liberated by crushing/ grinding process, i.e. (Diamonds, Color Gemstones, Barite, Gold & other precious metals, base metals, ferrous metals, light metals, coal) and heavy minerals of all kind.
  • Cobbling operation, to discard waste rock before final processing of the crude concentrate.


COMPONENTS / MODELS UNIT JS 100 JS 150 JS 200 JS 300 JS 320 JS 350 JS 400 JS 460
Slurry M3/Hr 8-12 15-24 24-30 60-90 90-120 120-150 180-240 240-300
Solids Tons/Hr 3-4 5-8 8-10 20-30 30-40 40-50 60-80 80-100
Diesel Engines
(Electric/Manual Start)
Hp/Kw 7.0/5.1 7.0/5.1 7.0/5.1 8.0/5.9 8.0/5.9 10.5/7.72 8.0/5.9 10.5/7.72
Qty 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2
Gasoline Engines
(Electric/Manual Start)
Hp/Kw 4.8/3.5 4.8/3.5 7.2/5.3 8.2/6.0 8.2/6.0 10.0/7.4 8.2/6.0 10/7.4
Qty 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2
Electric Motors Hp/Kw 4.0/3.0 4.0/3.0 4.0/3.0 7.5/5.5 7.5/5.5 10.0/7.5 7.5/5.5 7.5/5.5
Qty 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2
  • Processing capacities may fluctuate in accordance to the type of ore, particle size, the jig mesh size, the speed of feeding, the ratio of water to solids, and JIG Balancing.
  • Ratio of solids to liquid (1:3)
  • Jig screen is available in various mesh size and could be modified, in accordance to your requirements, w/in few minutes in the field.
  • Specifications could be modified, without notice.

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