Innovative Technology & Ease of Operation

VBS® Concentrators are designed and patented by DOVE® for simultaneous concentration and recovery of fine particle production of various metals and minerals. Designed for continuous operation during the whole shift operating hours, VBS® Concentrators do not require any frequent cleanups or operator interference and attention.
VBS® Concentrators perform automatic recovery of fines down to 37 microns.

Low Environmental Impact

DOVE® VBS® Concentrators are completely environmentally friendly gravity concentrators, which provide completely chemical or mercury-free operation, and operate with only clean or recycled water.

Secure Operation

Automatic operation features & security-lock mechanism minimizes operator interference and provides you the capability to keep your production safe in field condition.

Unique & Quality Design

VBS® Concentrators are fabricated with only high quality material and workmanship. A combination of simplicity in design and number of unique features makes VBS® Concentrators unmatched in exceptional recovery efficiency of fine concentrates.
VBS® Concentrators are supplied with One-Year Manufacturer Warranty.


VBS® Concentrators are metal & mineral concentration devices, specifically designed, patented and fabricated by DOVE®, for washing, separation and concentration of fine metal & mineral production, based on its specific gravity.
VBS® Concentrators feature vibrating rectangular shape deck devices, designed with riffles and rubber carpeting to trap fine concentrates by means of specific gravity separation, running water and material flow.

VBS® Concentrators are effectively used for the following mining applications:

  • Washing, classification and concentration of fine metal and mineral production from the ores, where metal and mineral grains are liberated. Recovery of metals and minerals of various kinds that occur in Alluvial (Placer) deposits.
  • Recovery of Precious Metals, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones, Base Metals, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Noble Metals, Heavy Metals.
  • Applicable for Dredging Operations for river mining projects.


  • Feed Control Mechanism allows regulation of material flow, which results in even feed and distribution of the material.
  • Internal Hydraulic Spray-Bar-System allows you to regulate and control water pressure and flow, which effectively results in high recovery rates, and no material loss during the operation.
  • Speed Control allows regulation of vibration speed, which effectively results in possibility to adjust and tune VBS® Concentrators according to the capacity rate and material flow.
  • Equipped security covers and locking mechanisms, VBS® Concentrators provide you with safe operation at low supervision conditions, and prevent theft of the recovered production during the operating shift.
  • Optional drive system: operate with diesel engines or electric motors.
  • VBS® Concentrators are available in both stationary and portable configurations. Availability of wheel-set trailers provides you the ease of rapid transportation to almost any location.


TPHm3/HRHP (kW)HP (kW)
VBS®-502 – 46 – 127 (5.1)5.5 (4)
VBS®-1004 – 612 – 187 (5.1)7.5 (5.5)
VBS®-2006 – 818 – 248 (5.9)7.5 (5.5)
VBS®-3008 – 1024 – 3010.5 (7.72)10 (7.5)

One-Year Manufacturer Warranty!

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