DOVE Vibrating-sieves Separator is a revolutionary three- dimensional Vibrating Minerals separator with unique and highly efficient separating mechanism, designed to separate solids from liquids or segregate dry materials into various particle sizes.

Innovative Design

Revolutionary 3-dimensional vibration, with unique & highly efficient separation action.

High Performance

High capacity, economical & accurate separation of solids from liquids or to segregate dry material into various particles sizes.


Efficient screening & separation of various products, wet & dry, heavy & light, coarse & fine, hot & cold Efficient rapid screening and separation of particles as fine as 400 mesh (37 microns), or 0.037 mm size.

Full Product Range

24 models to choose, with 1-4 screens, and processing feed rate of 300 kg/hour (660 LB/hr.) up to 5,000 kg/hour (11,023 Lb/Hour)


The Vibrating-sieves Separator achieves superb performance in sieving a variety of properties, shapes and sizes of dry and wet grains. The separator is efficiently separate the micron size particles, which are conventionally considered as one of most difficult works. The Vibrating-sieves Separators have wide application for all kinds of manufacturing and minerals processing, per follows:


Tin, Iron, Copper and other minerals (powder, granule), Material for powder metallurgy (powder), Coal, Cokes (granular), Aluminum foil (speck, liquid), Steel shot (granule), Fluorescent substance (powder), Cast dust (granule).


Silica sand, Beach sand (granule), Potter clay, Clay (liquid), Abrasive, Alundum (granule), Ceramic (powder, liquid) Fire-proof material (chamotte, castor, agalmatolite) (granule), Ferrite (powder), Glass (powder), Laolin (powder).


Wheat, Soya bean, Corn (granule, powder), Yeast (liquid), Wheat Starch, Corn Starch (liquid, powder), Spice (powder), Granulated sugar for refining (square shaped), Fish meal for feed (bit, powder), Feed vegetable (liquid), Catchup sauce (liquid), Bean jam (paste).


  • GREATER CAPACITY – Material spreads over entire screening surface, resulting in maximum capacity per square foot of screen area.
  • GREATER FLEXIBILITY – Single or Multiple separations may be made with a single unit. As many as 4 screen decks can be incorporated in one separator for simultaneous separation into five fractions. Efficient for all screenable products, wet and dry, heavy and light, coarse and fine, hot and cold.
  • VIBRATION TRANSMISSION – Screen assembly floats freely on supporting springs. It’s quiet. Unit may be placed anywhere, without special foundations or supports.
  •  MATERIAL FABRICATION: Depending on the application, the screen frame can be fabricated in stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel.
  • NO MESH-BLOCKING – Three dimensional work shuts out the mesh-blocking. The Rubber Mesh-beater is set as double preventive method.
  •   DUST PREVENTION – Material is tumbled, not violently bounced. Unit may be totally enclosed by using metal cover and neoprene feed and discharge  connections.
  • SEPARATIVE MOTION IS ABLE TO BE SELECTED FREELY – The motion of the screen cloth is able to be controlled freely, and the movement course can be controlled perfectly.
  • LONGER SCREEN LIFE – Drum-tight screen vibrates freely. Tension is uniform in all directions. The screen cloth is made of stainless steel, ensure long screen life ease with which screens to be changed.


ModelsNO. Of DecksFeed Rate (kg/hr)Effective
Area of
Motor (kw/p)Separator Height (mm)Separator Diameter (mm)
VSS-300-11 Deck300-4504100.3620460
VSS-300-22 Decks300-4504100.4690460
VSS-300-33 Decks300-4504100.5760460
VSS-500-11 Deck500-7005300.4670600
VSS-500-22 Decks500-7005300.4770600
VSS-500-33 Decks500-7005300.5870600
VSS-500-44 Decks500-7005300.5970600
VSS-1000-11 Deck1,000-1,5007300.5770800
VSS-1000-22 Decks1,000-1,5007300.5920800
VSS-1000-33 Decks1,000-1,5007300.61,070800
VSS-1000-44 Decks1,000-1,5007300.61,220800
VSS-1500-11 Deck1,500-2,5009200.67901,000
VSS-1500-22 Decks1,500-2,5009200.69501,000
VSS-1500-33 Decks1,500-2,50092011,1001,000
VSS-1500-44 Decks1,500-2,50092011,2701,000
VSS-2500-11 Deck2,500-3,500114019301,200
VSS-2500-22 Decks2,500-3,500114011,1101,200
VSS-2500-33 Decks2,500-3,50011401.21,2901,200
VSS-2500-44 Decks2,500-3,50011401.21,4701,200
VSS-3500-11 Deck3,500-5,00014401.21,0201,500
VSS-3500-22 Decks3,500-5,00014401.21,2201,500
VSS-3500-33 Decks3,500-5,00014401.71,4201,500
VSS-3500-44 Decks3,500-5,00014401.71,6201,500
  • Unless specified otherwise the drive motor will be furnished to operate on 415 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles A.C.
  • Dimensions subject to change without notice.
  • The capacities are rated based on the dry screening, at 20 mesh heavy minerals sand. Actual capacity of separators depends on bulk density, grain size of the feed particles, screen mesh size ambient temperature, and humidity.
  • Standard screen-mesh ( 10,12,14,16,20,30,40,60,80,100) mesh sizes.
  • Screen mesh fabrication (stainless steel, woven wire).

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