Today, the name of DOVE® represents a substantial number of divisional companies that led in 1990 to the formation of the DOVE® Group of Companies.

DOVE® brand signifies a business concept, which amounts to technological excellence incorporated in unique range of products, manufactured with highest quality of standards, combined with exceptional service and yet with competitive pricing structure. Over the years this business philosophy became the main driving force behind the exceptional growth of the DOVE® Group of Companies.

While the specific discipline and the area of expertise of each core company within the DOVE® Group of Companies is different, however combining the knowledge and expertise of the core companies gives DOVE® Group a unique range of capabilities, which intern supports each core company to provide better products, and higher quality of service to the related industries. These capabilities have allowed DOVE® Group to cross the technological frontiers, challenge the traditional methods, and achieve technical excellence.

DOVE® Group of Companies includes the following main independent core companies:



DOVE® Instruments



DOVE® Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd., is a trusted manufacturer & supplier of mining equipment, tools, accessories & instrumentation. Together with DOVE® Instruments,
DOVE® Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd., carries the experience & expertise in mining & manufacturing for over 45 years, and offers the market a wide range of high quality products for exploration, testing, and exploitation.
The company is privately owned and registered in Thailand, Malaysia and Guyana with number of manufacturing facilities.


DOVE® BIOTECH is a major supplier of advanced technology for Organic Disinfectants, Body Care Products, Herbal Products, Organic Waste Water Treatment, Oil-Spills and Aquaculture Solution, Organic Technologies for Farming and Agriculture Industries; producer of Biofuels (Biodiesel, Ethanol and Biogas).
A hundred percent foreign owned company, registered in Thailand and USA, with offices, research laboratories and fabrication facilities located in Thailand and United States.

DOVE® Minerals Co., Ltd.

As a member of DOVE® Group of Companies, DOVE® Minerals Co., Ltd. is mainly involved in exploration, exploitation and processing of various metals & minerals. Began its mining activities in 1989 in Vietnam, DOVE® by now has conducted a number of projects around the world. Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cambodia, Laos and Guyana are among the countries where DOVE® has conducted its mining operations.
Currently DOVE® is in joint venture for major mining operations in South Sudan.


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DOVE® FOOD & BEVERAGE CO., LTD. is registered in Bangkok, Thailand and involved in food & beverage import, export and retail, as well as operating several bistros and restaurants.