High Performance

DOVE Disc Magnetic Separators are highly selective, and are designed to produce clean magnetic fraction that requires no further treatment. Magnetic intensity is variable from 0 to 18,000 gauss that allows simultaneous separation of up to 6 magnetic products of different type or grade in one single pass.

Convenience of Installation

DOVE designs its Concentrating Tables for both right and left hand feed operations. Due to space saving consideration, DOVE supplies multiple-deck table configurations. Multiple-deck consisting of two or three deck levels affect space saving proportionate to the number of decks employed.

High Performance & Ease of Operation

Presenting batch type jigs DOVE Jig Concentrators are designed in a way, that allows to operate and simultaneously collect coarse production in a continuous mode, during the whole shift operating hours, without any frequent cleanups. Automatic operation features & security-lock mechanism minimizes operator interference and provides you the capability to keep your production safe in…

Wide Capacity Range

DOVE Jig Concentrators are supplied in various models, with wide capacity range, from 3 up to 100 tons/hour (solid material handling) that allows integration of the machines to small, medium and large-scale mining operations with low capital investments.