DOVE Technical Services, a division of DOVE Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd., provides timely and superior technical and operation services, in order to support the successful implementation of your mining project.

DOVE engineers and technicians are readily available to address your project requirements and assist you in your mining project from the day one. We will support your project from the initial step of project planning, through prospecting, exploration, plant design, plant fabrication, implementation and exploitation.

Process and Plant Design

DOVE ensures that you will get the most precise and efficient process and mechanical system design for your mining operations. Deep knowledge of metals and minerals, specific processing methods and mining techniques allows our Engineering Team designing complete high quality and high efficiency processing systems with guaranteed maximum recovery rates.


Installation and Commissioning

Implementation of equipment into new operation, or into already existing one, is a significant stage for each mining project. DOVE Technical Team is experienced, educated and well trained, and not only simply assemble and install equipment, but provide a complex installation assistance, including guidance for site construction, training, and maintenance instructions.

Our Technical Team will not leave your site until equipment is properly installed and operating efficiently.

After Sales and Spare Parts

Dedication to clients’ success and support makes us to provide the best of after-sales service. Fast response via email and phone, case solution, maintenance instructions, recommendation of equipment upgrade will be always provided to you in a timely manner.

DOVE maintains stock of all spare parts for equipment manufactured by DOVE, and it can be delivered to your site within just few days upon request.

Site Exploration, Geology & Mineral Resource Estimation

DOVE Geologists, Geochemists and Geophysicists have extensive experience in site exploration, site evaluation and resource estimation, mining method selection, and able to perform assignments in any part of the world, for various types of deposits.


Mineral Assay Services

DOVE maintains the most sophisticated and advanced laboratory facilities in Asia to provide mineral assay services.
We provide a comprehensive and most accurate mineral assay testing of our ore samples within 24 hours.
Mineral test is the key on determining the most efficient equipment and plant configuration to design a plant for the highest production recovery.

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