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DOVE Alluvial Processing Plants feature self-sufficient, automatic, complete processing equipment & concentrators lines, and present advanced processing systems for metal and mineral recovery.

Custom Built Design

Depending on the characteristics of your deposit DOVE Engineering Team provides comprehensive technical advice on the recovery methods and processing equipment lines, offers the most precise and high efficiency plant configuration uniquely fitting your mine.

High Performance

DOVE Processing Plants are designed to work with alluvial ores for recovery of coarse & fine production of various metals & minerals. The production is automatically and simultaneously recovered and is locked inside the machines to prevent theft of production.

Low Environmental Impact

DOVE Alluvial (Placer) Processing Plants are completely environmentally friendly.
Chemical-free, mercury-free operation. Operate with only clean or recycled water, and supplied with dewatering systems for recycling of water, and site reclamation.

Quality Design

DOVE Processing Plants are designed and fabricated by DOVE with only high quality material and skillful workmanship, unique features and price tag, that know no equals in the market.

Stationary & Semi-Stationary Configuration

DOVE Alluvial (Placer) Processing Plants are available in either stationary or semi-stationary configurations, which provides the ease of installation and operation.

Plants are easy to install & operate; do not require frequent operator interference.


DOVE® Alluvial Processing Plants are configured as fully integrated & balanced processing plants for medium and large-scale mining operations, and designed for automatic washing, classification, concentration and recovery of coarse & fine metal & mineral production.
Designed according to the specific requirements of each mine, DOVE® Processing Plants guarantee maximum efficiency and rapid high recovery rates.
  • Automatic & simultaneous washing, classification and concentration of metals & minerals from alluvial (placer) deposits.
  • Recovery of Gold, Diamonds, Gemstones, other precious metals and minerals, base metals, etc.
  • Applicable for Dredging Operations for river mining projects.


Each Alluvial Processing Plant present a combination of processing equipment and concentrators and several general processing stages for metal & mineral recovery, which might vary based on the characteristics of the mine.
Alluvial processing plant design by Dove Equipment & Machinery

Complete Alluvial Plants are configured with independent Ore-Feed Stations. Depending on the characteristics of your mining area, plants can be configured with either Dry or Slurry Ore-Feed Stations.

Grizzly Separators are supplied for primary screening of the material and waste material discard, and as well as Ore-Feed Stations, can perform either Dry or Wet screening. Depending on the screening form: dry or wet, DOVE® configures plants with whether Vibrating Grizzly or Static Grizzly Separators.

Trommel Screens perform secondary screening of the material, and are supplied for high performance washing, screening, classification and oversize material removal applications. DOVE® supplies various types of Trommel Screens, and among them are Trommel Classifier and Trommel Scrubber Screens.

Trommel Classifier Screens are conventional type of Trommel Screens, and are used for washing and classification of simple ores: gravel, sand, light clay material.

In contrast to Trommel Classifier Screens, Trommel Scrubber Screens are supplied to treat more difficult ores: with high or sticky clay content, or soft lateritic ores. Trommel Scrubbers are equipped with scrubber and screen sections, which serve for breakage and classification of the ore.

In accordance with characteristic of your ore deposit, DOVE® will recommend the most suitable trommel type to suit needs of your mine.

Jig Concentrators are gravity concentrators, specially supplied for concentration and recovery of coarse production. DOVE® introduces modern multiple-stage jigging to the industry; designed in multiple stages, jigging results in extremely efficient mineral recovery. Multiple stage jigging allows proper washing and recovery of coarse production, as well as provides better liberation of fine fraction production, which guarantees higher recovery rates of fine concentrates.

For recovery of fine production DOVE® configures Alluvial Processing Plants with VBS® Concentrators, which are specially designed and patented by DOVE®. Production, as fine as 37 microns, can be concentrated and recovered by DOVE® VBS® Concentrators.

In case of high concentration of fine production, finer than 40 microns, DOVE® VBS® Concentrators can be followed by Centrifugal Concentrators , which may perform the final stage of fine production recovery.

Concentrating Tables present the final processing stage in a complete processing line for metal & mineral recovery, and are typically used for final cleanup, separation & upgrade of recovered concentrates.

As additional accessories DOVE® provides Centrifugal Pumps and pipes fittings for water supply.


  • All equipment is supplied with wheel set trailers, which provide the ease of rapid logistics to almost any location.
  • Internal Hydraulic System at each processing level allows you to regulate and control water pressure and flow, which effectively results in high recovery rates.
  • All equipment is equipped with dome shape covers, security covers and locking mechanisms, which prevent theft of the recovered production during the operating shift, and is safe to operate at low supervision conditions.
  • Optional drive system: operate with diesel engines or electric motors.
  • One-Year Warranty!

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