Reliable & Durable

Impact troughing idlers are built either light, medium or heavy duty specifications, with impact rings of rubber or neoprene. Transoms are supplied as fixed or suspended, either floor mounted or off supported. Designed per your specification to suit all troughing angles or belt width.

Easy to Operate & Service

Configured either as fixed conveyor or stacker (manual or automatic) with 120º rotating angle, with lengths of up to 70 m. long, and height of 25 m. high.

Quality Designed

Idlers are constructed from heavy gauge steel, with fine bore welded bearing housings. Based on your specifications, they are supplied either in trough or flat bed carrying and flat return. Return idlers are either steel or rubber discs.

Full Range Products

Fully Mobile or semi permanent configuration, Diesel or Electric Power Unit selections, Variable width and length.

All DOVE equipment carry a 2 years (24 months) standard Manufacturer Warranty, which can be extended to 5 years, in addition to lifetime spare parts supply service.


ModelsTypeDimensionDrive MotorCapacity (Tons/Hr.)
Width (inch)Length (m)HpKw
CYS-0904Screw Conveyor09421.55
CYS-0905Screw Conveyor09521.5 5
CYT-3012Stacker Belt Conveyor30122015
CYT-3615Stacker Belt Conveyor36154030
CYT-4212Stacker Belt Conveyor42124030
CYR-2412Roller & Plate Form2412
CYO-1103Oscillating Conveyor11321.5
CYU-1109Belt Conveyor11921.5
CYU-1230Belt Conveyor12301310
CYU-1406Belt Conveyor14610.7525
CYU-1409ABelt Conveyor1491.51.110-20
CYU-1409BBelt Conveyor1491.51.125
CYU-1413Portable Belt Conveyor141321.520
CYU-1416APortable Belt Conveyor141632.210
CYU-1416BPortable Belt Conveyor141621.5
CYU-1419Portable Belt Conveyor141921.5 20
CYU-1603ABelt Conveyor16321.52.5
CYU-1603BBelt Conveyor16332.210-15
CYU-1605Belt Conveyor16510.7565
CYU-1606Belt Conveyor1661.51.130-50
CYU-1609BBelt Conveyor1691.51.140
CYU-1612Belt Conveyor161221.530-50
CYU-1613Belt Conveyor161421.530-50
CYU-1614Belt Conveyor161421.520
CYU-1621Belt Conveyor162132.230-50
CYU-1625Belt Conveyor162532.240
CYU-1626Belt Conveyor162632.220
CYU-1635Belt Conveyor16356440
CYU-1916Belt Conveyor191632.2100
CYU-2007Belt Conveyor20732.2
CYU-2008Belt Conveyor2085.54164.49
CYU-2010Belt Conveyor20105.54164.49
CYU-2012ABelt Conveyor20125.54164.49
CYU-2012BBelt Conveyor20125.54165
CYU-2016ABelt Conveyor201632.2
CYU-2016BBelt Conveyor201632.2100
CYU-2018Belt Conveyor20187.56164.49
CYU-2019Belt Conveyor20193

* DOVE reserves the right to modify the specifications at anytime, without prior notice.

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