DOVE Conveyor Belt Systems are highly efficient and rugged means of transporting the ore within the processing plant. DOVE Belt Conveyor Systems are designed for various complex working conditions for bulk material handling within your mining project.

DOVE Conveyor

Reliable & Durable

DOVE Conveyors are configured with high quality components, top international brand of electric motors (Siemens, ABB, Electrim, etc.), high quality bearings (NSK, HRG, WZK, FAG, etc.), conveyor belt (Yokohama, etc.).

DOVE Conveyor

Easy to Operate & Service

Configured either as fixed conveyor or stacker (manual or automatic) with 120º rotating angle, with lengths of up to 70 m. long, and height of 25 m. high.

DOVE Conveyor

Quality Design

DOVE Conveyor Belt Systems offer the most efficient, economical, stable operation, high safety factors, low noise, low maintenance solution for your bulk material logistics.

DOVE conveyors

Full Range Products

DOVE manufactures fully mobile or semi permanent conveyor configurations, diesel or electric power, variable width and length, various types (screw conveyor, stacker belt conveyor, roller and plate form, oscillating type, portable belt conveyor, etc.).

All DOVE equipment carry a 2 years (24 months) standard Manufacturer Warranty , which can be extended to 5 years, in addition to  lifetime spare parts supply service.


Belt Length  It can be made according to project size
Belt Width 500 – 1,400 mm (can be customized wider if required)
Belt Speed Up to 1,500 mm/s
Capacity Can be made according to project requirements. Usually 10-1000 m3/h.
Max Incline It is up to material, powder and particle material incline different type of belt. Usually up to 25°.
Drive Type Usually Electric roller/ gear box and motor, we also offer diesel engine & gear box.
Conveyor Type Belt conveyor horizontal, belt conveyor inclined, screw conveyor, staker belt conveyor, roller and plate from, oscillation type, portable belt conveyor
Belt Type Hard wearing, antistatic, fire resistant, corrosion resistant, 0il resistant
Tension Unit Vertical tension, screw rod tension, cart tension.
Protection Switches Included for belt conveyor longer than 25 m. It can also be included if customer requires it.
Contruction Material Steel
Conveyored bulk material The belt is designed to transport bulk material (dry or damp). The material can be grainy, shredded, in the form of dust, flakes, sludge and aggregate. It can also be the crushed product of matter of biological origin.