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a member of DOVE Group of Companies,  DOVE Equipment & Machinery is a major mining equipment manufacturer and supplier of technology, packaged in a wide range of products and technical services, all under one roof for the planning, exploration, development and exploitation of mineral resources, covering the total life cycle of your mining and minerals processing project. DOVE supplies a complete range of machinery, equipment, instruments and accessories for surface mining of base metals, precious metals, light metals, ferrous metals, diamonds, color gemstones, sand gravel, aggregate, and coal.

DOVE Equipment and Machinery is a major manufacturer and supplier of the largest range of surface mining equipment, instruments and accessories. With over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, DOVE mining equipment has established a proven history of reliability and performance around the globe. Our equipment is designed and built for highest yield of mineral recovery, with the highest quality and value. With the manufacturing and supply of the top quality machinery & equipment, packaged with a wide range of technical services, competitively priced, DOVE is the most effective partner to supply your operational requirements.


DOVE shall expand global leadership in surface mining technology through an unrelenting focus on customer satisfaction and technical excellence, as our clients are the most crucial element of our enterprise. A strong desire to meet our clients’ needs continues to provide us with the impetus to challenge traditional mineral recovery methods and capitalize on new technologies to improve your mining project performance, thereby making you more competitive in the market place.

ISO 9001:2015

Green Industry Certificate

DOVE Equipment Best Business 2020

Golden Eagle of Asia Awards 2020 
Best Business of the Year
DOVE Equipment and Machinery Co. Ltd.

DOVE Best Business Awards

Mr. Fillip Sharifi, DOVE Equipment & Machinery CEO and DOVE Group of Companies Chairman. Golden Eagle of Asia Awards 2020.

DOVE Equipment & Machinery manufacturing facilities are located about 30 minutes drive from the company Head office in Bangkok, including 8 factories and equipment showroom.

Video of DOVE Manufacturing Facilities

DOVE Minerals, a member of DOVE Group of Companies, is the mining arm of DOVE Group, representing the consortium of various mining projects around the globe, performed directly by DOVE Group during 1989 to present. DOVE Group has been a pioneer in many countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America, mining precious metals and gemstones. Where the hands on field expertise combined with the real requirements of the mining community and specific field conditions combined with advance engineering expertise was used by DOVE Equipment & Machinery to produce the most practical, efficient, rugged and economical processing plants, designed for highest recovery.