DOVE Equipment & Machinery Co. Ltd., a member of DOVE Group of Companies, with over 50 years manufacturing expertise, is a world leading mining equipment manufacturer and supplier of full range of surface mining equipment.

DOVE manufactures the largest range of mining equipment in Asia, producing a complete range of mineral processing plants, wet plants and dry plants, hard rock, beneficiation and alluvial plants, wash plants, portable plants, mobile plants, semi-stationary plants, dredges, floating plants and river mining plants from 3 Tons/Hour up to 2000 Tons/Hour, for gold mining , diamond mining, gemstone mining, cassiterite (tin) mining, copper mining, iron ore mining, manganese mining, nickel, lead and zinc mining, cobalt mining, tantalite mining, columbite, wolframite, ilmenite, zircon including other industrial metals and minerals, as well as mining aggregates.

All DOVE equipment carry a 2 years (24 months) standard Manufacturer Warranty, which can be extended to 5 years, in addition to lifetime spare parts service supply. We provide full range of Technical services, including Plant engineering design, mining site construction design, plant assembly, installation, test run, and training at client site. In addition we are licensed to provide complete laboratory test and soil samples analyses.

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Gold mining site: 250 THP alluvial gold and alluvial processing/wash plant

DOVE Semi-Stationary Processing Plant

DOVE manufactures full range of alluvial processing plants, wash plants. Plants are supplied with different capacity: EXPLORER® Portable Plants (10–60 Tons/Hour), SuperMiner® Portable Plants (80-170 Tons/Hour), SpeedMiner® Mobile Plants (5-120 Tons/Hour), MegaMiner® Stationary and Semi-Stationary Wash Plants (5-2000 Tons/Hour). Gravity Separation Plants are designed with high recovery rates. DOVE gold wash plants and diamond wash plants are configured with security system and locking mechanism to prevent theft of production.

DOVE manufactures wash plants, gravity separation plants for placer, alluvial gold mining and alluvial diamond mining, configured for different ore type, laterite, heavy clay, gravel and black sand. Wash plants are designed for highest recovery and minimum operator requirements.

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Mining equipment: DOVE® engineering team with SuperMiner -200 portable processing plant

SuperMiner® Portable Processing Plant

DOVE is the leading manufacturer of dredgers for river mining. dredges do not require divers. DOVE dredge equipment are produced in various capacities, DOVE diamond dredge and gold dredge are designed for highest recovery of gold and diamonds in every river mining projects.

DOVE manufactures a complete range of floating plants, floating wash plants, floating gravity separation plants, all designed to be attached to our dredge plants for processing of minerals on the river. DOVE floating plants are designed for automatic recovery of gold and diamonds, provide highest recovery ratio, down to micron size, for efficient river mining. All floating plants are configured with security system and locking mechanism to prevent theft of production.

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Dredge integrated with floating plant for gold and diamond river mining

DOVE Dredge and Floating Plant

DOVE manufactures full range of processing plants for hard rock gold and other metals and minerals mining. DOVE supplies hard rock processing plants with capacity range of 5-2000 Tons/Hour. Each processing plant is designed specifically according to the ore characteristics and the mineral composition, and for the highest recovery. We manufacture the complete processing plant including crushing, grinding, milling, classification, gravity recovery, and flotation, etc.

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Gold mining equipment: 100 TPH Hard Rock Processing plant

DOVE Hard Rock Processing & Beneficiation Plant

DOVE designs and manufactures high recovery Beneficiation Plants. Beneficiation plants are composed of different types of machines and separators depending on the metals and minerals composition and characteristics, designed for high economic recovery in a customized configuration that will meet the project’s specifications. These plants can include Flotation Machines, Dryers, High Intensity Magnetic Separators, High Tension Separators, etc. They can be used for both hard rock (primary) and alluvial (secondary) deposits.

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High Intensity Magnetic Separator and Flotation Circuit for Hard Rock Processing and Beneficiation

DOVE High Intensity Magnetic Separator / DOVE Flotation Circuit for Hard Rock Processing and Beneficiation

DOVE supplies the state of art in Gold Refinery technology, which is designed to produce and refine raw gold materials to international standard purity of 999.95. DOVE refining units are supplied in capacity ranges of 6 kg up to 150 kg. The units are based on advanced Aqua Regia process and it is designed to refine gold and silver. The refining units are configured with the latest technology to comply with the highest standards, which includes neutralization towers for fumes, etc.

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Pure Gold Bars obtained after using gold refinery

Pure Gold Bars

Every mining operation requires sophisticated gold room in order to ensure the highest recovery of gold production. To this end DOVE supplies and manufactures a complete range of equipment, instruments, tools and accessories, which includes Gold Concentrating Table, Gold Centrifugal Concentrator, melting furnace, crucibles, ingot molds, scales, etc.

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Gold Room Equipment

DOVE supplies a full range of Laboratory Instruments, Equipment and accessories for minerals assay testing.

DOVE supplies Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) for Fire Assay Analysis, Portable Mineral Analyzer and Professional Lab Mineral Analyzer for XRF Test, and equipment for Gravity Separation Test such as Lab Jig Concentrator and Lab Concentrating Tables. Several other types of equipment including Lab Induced Roll Lift Magnetic Separator, Lab Isodynamic Magnetic Separator, Lab High Tension Separator, Sampling Pulverizer, Sieve & Shakers, Bench Drill Machine and High Voltage Rectifier are part of the range of DOVE laboratory equipment.

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DOVE Laboratory Equipment

DOVE supplies advanced and highly accurate range of Metal Detectors. It is designed for ease of operation in highly mineralized soil condition. It provides a practical solution during exploration and prospecting different terrain with ease and dependability. DOVE Metal Detectors are designed for various depths and conditions.

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Metal Detectors

DOVE maintains the most sophisticated and advanced laboratory facilities in Asia to provide mineral assay services.

DOVE provides a complete range of minerals assay testing services, for both alluvial (placer) and hard rock (primary) deposits. DOVE mineral assay services include Gravity Separation, Fire Assay Analysis and XRF Analysis for identification of gold, platinum, other metals and minerals concentration and simultaneously analyze up to 32 other elements, metals and minerals.

“Reliable assay and minerals testing of your mine samples can lead you to the most efficient and best equipment configuration and plant design for the highest recovery of production and return of investment”.

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Mineral testing laboratory room, DOVE laboratory in Bangkok

DOVE Mineral Laboratory Room