River mining or Marine mining involves extracting diamonds, gold and other minerals from the riverbed/seabed. DOVE® develops specialized plants using a powerful suction dredge that continuously and automatically extracts the gravel and minerals from the riverbed/seabed without the use of divers. Materials will continuously be fed to the Floating plant, next to the Dredge, where all materials will be automatically processed and minerals will be recovered and stored within the security box of concentrators with locking mechanism.

  • RIVERMINER® plants are exclusively designed and built by DOVE® Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd. for efficient, economical and sustainable river-mining operations. RIVERMINER® provides you with a union of Dredge and Floating Plant, for highly efficient and automatic ease of mineral extraction from the riverbed, and its immediate continuous processing onboard.
  • RIVERMINER® perfectly solve the problem of necessity to transport the material on shore, site construction and reclamation. Waste material is being discharged back to nature right after being processed and removed.
  • Each model of RIVERMINER® is composed and configured with Dredge and Floating Plant, a complete processing line for mineral recuperation, engineered in accordance with the riverbed type, mineral characteristics, process and capacity requirements.
  • RIVERMINER® perfectly solve the problem of necessity of continuously to move the processing plant on shore, as the dredge moves along the river, since RIVERMINER® is configured with Floating Plant.
  • RIVERMINER® plants provide you with highest security against the theft of production, as the dredge does not require divers, and the Floating Plant is equipped with security system and locking mechanism to eliminate unauthorized access to the production.

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DOVE® laboratory will assay your ore samples rapidly and analyze your raw materials and recommend the most efficient processing plant according to the ore specifications, minerals composition, and ore assay results, and your project size and the geologic and topographic conditions of your mine.
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DOVE® provides one-year manufacturer warranty, as well as lifetime spare parts service on its products.
DOVE® provides full technical services worldwide, including plant engineering design, mining site construction design, site assembly, installation, test run and training.

We highly recommend forwarding soil samples of your mine to us for analysis, in order to design and recommend the most efficient processing plant, tailor made to your mine requirements, for highest production recovery.

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