DOVE Flood Lifters are designed for Efficient, economical, and powerful Flood Prevention Control and Rapid bulk water transfer from your mining site during rainy season, or during normal operation to manage the recycling water reservoirs. Dove Flood Lifters are supplied in three models, with capacity range of 600-6,000 m3/hr (10,000 – 100,000 lit/min) of Mine surface water slurry.

DOVE Flood lifters are supplied in various capacities, configured with Diesel engines, or Electric motors. DOVE Flood Lifters are efficient and economical means of Flood Prevention control, and Recycling water reservoir management and are necessity for every mining operation, as during rainy season it can rapidly bulk transfer the flood water from the site and clear the site for continue operation, or to be deployed for rapid transfer of water from and to Dams.

Dove Flood lifters are also extensively used in other industries (i.e., Agriculture, Aquaculture Farming, etc.).

Application for Mining

  • Water recycling configuration
  • Reservoir to reservoir.
  • Water ex settling pond/ tailing dam transfer to main reservoir.
  • Total water management in the mining project.
  • Rapid bulk water transfer from river and other source to the Tailing Dams.

Application for Aquaculture & Agriculture

  • Most suitable pump for bulk water transfer in any type of Aquaculture farming, or Agriculture projects for fresh or saline water, fish of crustacean farming.
  • Ideal for irrigation, where large water transfer is required.

Flood Water Control

For use in any type of Rapid Flood Prevention control in the mining site, or City and residential areas, where rapid bulk water transfer pumping is required during rainy season.

Rapid Bulk Water Transfer with capacity from 600 to 6,000 m3/hr (10,000 to 100,000 lit/min).
DOVE Flood Lifter


Models Pump Sizes Capacity
Motors Head
hp. kw.
FLSP-080603 8 x 6 360-828 670 500 10-61
FLSP-100803 10 x 8 540-1,228 804 600 15-61
FLSP-121003 12 x 10 720-1,620 405 300 7-45

* DOVE reserves the right to modify the specifications at anytime, without prior notice.

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