DOVE Vibrating Grizzly Feeders, also referred to as Vibrating Grizzly Screens are highly efficient feeders designed to perform two major function of feeding ore into the next stage of the processing plant, as well as simultaneously separate and reject the oversize rocks.

DOVE Vibrating Grizzly feeders are well known in the mining industry for quality, ruggedness, and efficiency, providing continuous feed rate under various extreme conditions of material loading, heavy shock loads from earthmoving equipment.

Dry Feeding System with Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

DOVE Vibrating Grizzly Feeders are supplied in 34 models, capacity range of (5 – 700 Tons/Hour), in various technical specifications, to be integrated mainly at primary feeding applications in Mining for Hard rock primary deposits, or Alluvial secondary deposits, Dredging and Floating plant application, Quarries, Cement, Sand & Gravel operations, Recycling, Solid waste treatment, industrial processing, etc.

DOVE Vibrating Grizzly Feeder for the hard rock gold processing plant


  • DOVE with over 50 years fabrication expertise, supplies the largest range of Grizzly feeders, configured as Vibrating Grizzly Feeders, or Static Grizzly Feeders, for Hard Rock minerals processing plants, or Alluvial and Tailing Plants, as well as Grizzly Feeders for various other industries.
  • DOVE supplies Vibrating Grizzly feeders in 34 models, with capacity range of (5 – 700 Tons/Hour), as well as special configurations for processing plants of up to 2000 Tons/Hour.
  • DOVE standard models of Vibrating Grizzly Feeders are supplied in 11 different widths to match up to every crusher opening width. In special application we can tailor make the size for proper integration.
Vibrating Grizzly Feeder on top
  • DOVE supplies Vibrating Grizzly Feeders for Stationary, Portable/ Mobile processing plants, either at the Feed Point to the Feed Hopper, or at the Feed Point to any type of primary Crusher, or Classifiers.
  • The Back plate and screening bars are manufactured with wear resistant harden steel, impact resistance and long life.
  • DOVE Vibrating Grizzly is highly efficient in pre-screening the fine material, to increase crushing efficiency in Hard Rock mining applications, or screening the oversize to increase efficiency of classification and concentration in Alluvial mining applications.
Wet Feeding system with Vibrating Grizzly
  • DOVE Vibrating Grizzly designed for Low noise, Low Power consumption, Steady vibration, Continuous and uniform feeding, large feeding capacity, and adjustable grid spacing.
  • DOVE Vibrating Grizzly is configured with abrasion resistant Grizzly Bars, abrasion resistant Lined Bed and Side Plates, and adjustable & replicable Grizzly Bars.
    Vibrating Grizzly Feeder


    • DOVE Vibrating Grizzly Feeders are widely used in Mining for Hard Rock deposits, Alluvial deposits, River Dredging plants, Cement production plants, Construction material production, Lime, Silicate, Ore dressing industries, Power sector, Steel sector, Chemical industry, Foundries, etc.
    • DOVE Vibrating Grizzly is effectively deployed in screening (river pebbles, basalt, dolomite, granite, coal, construction waste, diabase, silica, zinc ore, iron ore, quartz, copper ore, limestone, various types of ore, fireclay, slag) etc.
    Vibrating Grizzly Feeder for dry feeding system
    • DOVE Vibrating Grizzly is implemented after the dry feed hopper, in Hard Rock (primary Deposit) mining applications, to screen the undersize out and feed the selected ore size to any primary crusher. DOVE Vibrating Grizzlies are highly efficient and econimical to be configured with Jaw crushers, Impact crusher, Cone crusher, Roll crusher, etc.
    • DOVE Vibrating Grizzly is highly efficient device to be configured after the Dry or Wet feed hopper to screen the oversize rocks out and flow the selected undersize to the Trommel Classifier, in Alluvial (Secondary deposits) mining applications.
    • DOVE Vibrating Grizzly feeders are effectively configured on the Hopper of Trommel Classifier, in Alluvial (secondary deposits), to screen out the oversize reject rocks, in the absent of feed hopper, and where the plant requires direct feed to the Classifier.
    Vibrating Grizzly at the factory


    (mm) (TPH) (mm) (kW)
    VGM-3015D DRY 300 x 1500 5 – 10 300 0.3
    VGM-3015W WET 300 x 1500 5 – 10 300 0.3
    VGM-4018D DRY 400 x 1800 15 – 20 300 0.6
    VGM-4018W WET 400 x 1800 15 – 20 300 0.6
    VGM-6015D DRY 600 x 1500 20 – 30 300 1.1
    VGM-6015W WET 600 x 1500 20 – 30 300 1.1
    VGM-6018D DRY 600 x 1800 30 – 50 300 2 x 1.1
    VGM-6018W WET 600 x 1800 30 – 50 300 2 x 1.1
    VGM-9018D DRY 900 x 1800 50 – 80 300 5.5
    VGM-9018W WET 900 x 1800 50 – 80 300 5.5
    VGM-6024D DRY 600 x 2400 80 – 100 400 1.1
    VGM-6024W WET 600 x 2400 80 – 100 400 1.1
    VGM-8030D DRY 800 x 3000 80 – 120 400 2 x 3
    VGM-8030W WET 800 x 3000 80 – 120 400 2 x 3
    VGM-8032D DRY 800 x 3200 100 – 120 400 11
    VGM-8032W WET 800 x 3200 100 – 120 400 11
    VGC-9638D DRY 960 x 3800 120 – 210 500 11
    VGC-9638W WET 960 x 3800 120 – 210 500 11
    VGM-1036D DRY 1050 x 3650 150 – 200 500 15
    VGM-1036W WET 1050 x 3650 150 – 200 500 15
    VGC-1142D DRY 1100 x 4200 200 – 430 500 2 x 3.7
    VGC-1142W WET 1100 x 4200 200 – 430 500 2 x 3.7
    VGC-1149D DRY 1100 x 4900 280 – 500 580 15
    VGC-1149W WET 1100 x 4900 280 – 500 580 15
    VGM-1224D DRY 1200 x 2400 100 – 150 500 4
    VGM-1224W WET 1200 x 2400 100 – 150 500 4
    VGM-1521D DRY 1500 x 2100 150 – 200 500 5.5
    VGM-1521W WET 1500 x 2100 150 – 200 500 5.5
    VGM-1530D DRY 1500 x 3000 150 – 250 500 18.6
    VGM-1530W WET 1500 x 3000 150 – 250 500 18.6
    VGC-1352D DRY 1300 x 5200 300 – 550 650 22
    VGC-1352W WET 1300 x 5200 300 – 550 650 22
    VGM-1560D DRY 1500 x 6000 600 – 700 650 37.5
    VGM-1560W WET 1500 x 6000 600 – 700 650 37.5

    * DOVE reserves the right to modify the specifications at anytime, without prior notice.


    All DOVE equipment carry a standard Manufacturer’s Warranty, which can be extended to 5 years, in addition to lifetime spare parts supply service.

    DOVE provides full technical services worldwide, including plant engineering design, mining site construction design, site assembly, installation, test run and training.

    Dry Feeding with Vibrating Grizzly


    DOVE Equipment & Machinery manufacturing facilities are located about 30 minutes drive from the company Head office in Bangkok, which includes 8 factories and showroom.

    DOVE Equipment and Machinery with over 50 years manufacturing expertise, and the largest range of mining and minerals processing technologies is the recipient of ISO 9001: 2015, Green Industry Certification, and Golden Eagle of Asia Awards 2020 Best Business of the Year (DOVE Equipment and Machinery and DOVE Instruments), which insures highest quality and standard of our manufacturing and customer service practices.

    DOVE Equipment Manufacturing facilities

    DOVE Manufacturing Facilities.

    DOVE Equipment and Machinery factories

    DOVE Equipment and Machinery 8 Factories.

    Video of DOVE Manufacturing Facilities:


    DOVE laboratory will assay your ore samples rapidly and analyze your raw materials and recommend the most efficient processing plant according to the ore specifications, minerals composition, and ore assay results, and your project size and the geologic and topographic conditions of your mine.

    Please,  CONTACT US  for your sample analysis and quotation.

    DOVE Minerals Assay Laboratory


    DOVE Vibrating Grizzly Feeders are highly effective and popular Grizzly screener/feeders with a history of reliability and durability in the mining, aggregate, construction, and various other industries. They are designed for continuous and uniform screening and feeding of selected size of ore in various processing plants design and configuration.

    DOVE Vibrating Grizzly Feeders are designed with the following components:

    1. The Pan section, which is basically where the feed is deposited from the feed hopper, or in the case of the portable or mobile plant, from the excavator or Conveyer belt.
    2. The Discharge section, which is immediately following the Pan section, which consist of the Grizzly section, which is configured with Gaps between the Grizzly Bars, which allows the undersize material to pass through before discharge to the next component of the processing plant, which is either a type of primary crusher in Hard Rock processing plant, or a Trommel in case of Alluvial processing plant, or a classifier/ Vibrating screen in solid waste treatment plant, or a conveyer assembly to transport the material, etc.
    3. Vibrating Mechanism, which is located under the Feeder, where also the feeder is configured with heavy duty springs on each side, which allows the feeder to vibrate via the mechanism located under neath the Pan section. The feeder is designed with a shallow wall, to protect the vibrating mechanism and the Electric motor from any feed material which may miss the Feeder during the loading of material and fall off the Feeder. The Grizzly Feeder is designed with a certain angle, which allows the material to get further lose and move forward from the Pan section to the Discharge section, by the combined action of Vibrating force and Gravity, while segregating the material.
    4. Material Segregation, Material on continuous basis moves forward from the Pan section to the Grizzly section. The Vibration force results in segregation of material and the finer particles smaller than the Gap in the Grizzly bars section goes through the Grizzly bars gap and settles in the bottom channel bellow the Grizzly section, ready for the next step of the process.

    In the case of Hard rock plant where the segregated fine material is selected by Grizzly feeder, the bypass fine material decreases the amount of oversize material going to the crusher, which results in selection of smaller capacity crusher and subsequently in saving in maintenance and spare wear parts. The segregated fine material can be combined with the output of the crusher to go to next step in processing and recovery, or if there are no economic value, it can be discarded.

    In the case of Alluvial mining, the segregated fine material are collected by conveyer and move to classifier and concentrators for recovery of minerals. The over size rucks are discarded, or in some cases can move to crushers.

    Vibrating Grizzly Feeder is an important item of equipment, integrated to various types of processing plants for segregation of material, and to eliminate over capacity in the design of processing plants, which results in economic value for project.

    DOVE processing plant in Mongolia
    Vibrating Grizzly at DOVE factory
    Vibrating Grizzly at the factory