Simplicity of operation and maintenance, highly efficient, capable of effectively characterizing and recovering Diamonds, Color Gemstones, Gold, other Precious Metals, Base Metals, Ferrous Metals, and other heavy minerals.


DOVE Floating Processing Plants are designed for efficient river mining, for 100% recovery of gold, diamonds, gemstones, base metals, ferrous metals, etc. on continuous basis, with recovery precision down to 40 microns 0.040 mm), (0.0016 inches) particles, with no loss.


DOVE Floating Processing Plants are designed with complete production security system and locking mechanism to prevent the unauthorized access and theft of the production.


No environmental impact, chemical free, requires only recycled water.


Floating Plant is a complete mineral gravity processing/separation plant configured with Trommel, Jig Concentrator, VBS Concentrator, Slurry and Centrifugal Pumps, and Hydraulic System for proficient and profitable river mining. All Floating Plants are configured with an operating Cabin, situating all control devices in a safe and convenient location.
  • Aligned with DOVE Dredges, allows for continuous production without the need for constant material transport onshore.
  • Eliminates the need for costly earth moving equipment.
  • On time processing with minimal environmental disturbance.
  • Allows for exploitation of marginal fields, easier financing, and shorter completion periods.
  • Does not require fresh water, designed to work with river water.
  • Available in a variety of models with processing capacity range of 20 m3/hr to 1,500 m3/hr of slurry feed.

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All DOVE equipment carry a 2 years (24 months) standard Manufacturer Warranty, which can be extended to 5 years, in addition to lifetime spare parts supply service.
DOVE provides full technical services worldwide, including plant engineering design, mining site construction design, site assembly, installation, test run and training.
DOVE laboratory will assay your ore samples rapidly and analyze your raw materials and recommend the most efficient processing plant according to the ore specifications, minerals composition, and ore assay results, and your project size and the geologic and topographic conditions of your mine.
Please, contact us for your sample analysis and quotation: info@dovemining.com

We highly recommend forwarding soil samples of your mine to us for analysis, in order to design and recommend the most efficient processing plant, tailor made to your mine requirements, for highest production recovery.

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